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NOTE: Timeout is in the process of making this a fully functional, online calculator with immediate savings results. In the meantime, we ask you to take a moment and review the questions below. These are actual questions we use to help discover your potential savings when implementing a Timeout Solution.


How many assets or units do you have in your fleet?

What is the average value of 1 asset?


How many Mechanics do you have?

What do you pay your mechanic per hour?

Average number of hours spent each month servicing each asset?

How many times each month do you experience Unplanned Services?

What is the average number of man-hours for each unplanned service (Mechanic + Operator time)?

What amount would you say poor maintenance and it's annual effect on re-sale value per asset is?

Service Administration

What do you pay your Service Administrator per hour?

Average number of hours spent each week supporting your service team?

Drivers & Operators

How many Driver/Operators do you have?

What do you pay your Driver or Operator per hour?

How many hours does a Driver or Operator spend each week searching, preparing and producing paperwork?


What do you pay your admin. staff per hour?

How many employees do you process each Payroll?

How many hours does it take your Payroll Administrator to prepare a bi-weekly payroll statement?

Other Potential Savings

How much Fuel does your fleet consume each year, in Litres?

What is the average price you pay for Fuel?

Your Projected Savings

Timeout Studios Inc. produces solutions that are faster and easier than using paper. Less training, faster implementation, and an accelerated ROI are common reasons why our customers choose Timeout Studios.